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Ironclad encourages contributions from anyone who wishes to advance the its development, regardless of gender, race, ethnic group, physical appearance, religion, cultural background, and any other demographic characteristics, as well as personal political views.

People are sometimes discouraged from participating in projects because of certain patterns of communication that strike them as unfriendly, unwelcoming, rejecting, or harsh. This discouragement particularly affects members of disprivileged demographics, but it is not limited to them. Therefore, we ask all contributors to make a conscious effort, in Ironclad discussions, to communicate in ways that avoid that outcome—to avoid practices that will predictably and unnecessarily risk putting some contributors off.

These guidelines suggest specific ways to accomplish that goal.



Complicance to these guidelines should be enforced at the discretion of the community's moderation, with enforcement implemented as seen fit. Endorsement of communities by Ironclad will be done following these guidelines.


Ironclad's communication guidelines are largely based on the GNU Kind Communications Guidelines, with some minor changes in order to accomodate the non-GNU nature of Ironclad.