Supported Hardware

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This hardware list is updated regularly with the list of supported targets for the latest version, and which hardware is supported for which target.

For recommendations for hardware to support, please let us know.


Target Covered configurations Status
aarch64-stivale2 aarch64 virt boards Under development
arm-raspi2b Raspberry Pi 2B boards Under development
sparc-leon3 Standard LEON3 chipsets Under development
x86_64-multiboot2 BIOS and UEFI systems Stable

aarch64-stivale2 devices

Vendor Model Notes
Generic PL011 compatible serial

arm-raspi2b devices

Vendor Model Notes
Built-in UART serial communication
Built-in Hardware watchdog

sparc-leon3 devices

Vendor Model Notes
Built-in PL011 compatible serial

x86_64-multiboot2 devices

Vendor Model Notes
Generic ATA drives No ATAPI support
Generic VESA framebuffers
Intel i6300esb Hardware watchdog
Generic Parallel port I/O Used for hardware or printers
Generic PC Speaker Beep Beep!
Generic PS/2 Keyboard
Generic PS/2 Mouse
Generic SATA drives No SATAPI support
Generic Serial communication